Content Strategy

Created content plans, website design, and social media strategy. Experience building websites with WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. 


Yelp blog redesign / As Yelp grew, our existing content systems became outdated and overloaded. We needed a new blog to increase engagement, provide opportunity for extended content marketing, and improve the mobile experience. I vetted several agencies through an RFP process and worked with one to create a custom WordPress site designed to meet our unique needs. I created a content migration plan, style and user guide for the new CMS, and an editorial calendar for 100+ contributors. As a result, content creation increased, site metrics improved, and we were able to pull blog content into the Yelp mobile app.

Yelp blog design.png

social activism Reviews Pop Up

Media coverage of small businesses paired with the lightning speed of social media led to users posting reviews on Yelp business pages about news coverage instead of actual experiences with the business, a violation of Yelp’s terms of service. When those reviews were removed, backlash would ensue. I worked with a cross-functional task force to create a pop-up message we could enable on an individual business page, intersecting the user flow and inserting our message into broader awareness. Combined with a blog post explaining our reasoning and user support site content explaining our policies around reviews, this action led to a dramatic decrease in social media activity and improved news media pick up of the company’s statement.


Yelp Foundation Website / To increase understanding and awareness of the Yelp Foundation, I worked with the head of product and an agency to design a new website. We were challenged to create a look similar to Yelp’s branding, but clearly indicating a separate entity. We worked collaboratively to design wireframes and a content plan, and I wrote blog posts and copy for the site before shepherding it through rounds of edits. Video testimonials from grant-winning nonprofits added impact and a contact form created a route for nonprofits to get in touch.


Charlotte Tourism Marketing

To market Charlotte, NC, as a destination, my team at the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority was tasked with speaking to a wide variety of audiences, both consumer (tourists) and business (meeting planners and large-scale events). To create messages tailored to distinct subgroups, but promoting many of the same destination highlights and tourism attractions, we created individualized sample itineraries as well as print collateral distributed through locations across the city and by mail. I also pitched, planned, and hosted many press trips, resulting in positive media coverage of the city.

Charlotte culinary tourism image.png

Moonwalker Things Website / To launch my jewelry and ceramics business, I designed a website using Wix and an Etsy integration and created brand social accounts. I built a content plan for the site and blog to drive sales and audience engagement, strengthen my brand voice, and provide opportunities for collaborative marketing.

Moonwalker Things website design 2.png

Yelp fact sheet / To increase accuracy in media coverage and create a resource for employees to reference, I worked with the internal front-end engineering team to create a site to share company stats, updated quarterly in line with our earnings call.

Yelp Factsheet design 2.png