Led communications strategy and execution for consumer, business, and industry campaigns, as well as crisis and corporate social responsibility. Experience with earned, owned, and paid media across online, print, and broadcast publications, as well as events and partnerships.


Yelp Top 100 Places to Eat

Led creation of this annual marketing campaign, along with copywriting, positioning, and media strategy. The program was one of Yelp’s most effective for earning national and local media coverage (earning more than 120 pieces of coverage for the inaugural launch and more in following years), encouraging user engagement, and driving traffic (both on Yelp and to physical business locations).

Slate: 'America's Best-Rated Restaurant Is a Tiny Shack in a Condo Complex in Hawaii'

LA Times: 'Yelp names BBQ joint in Big Pine, Calif., best restaurant in U.S.'

Thrillist: 'Yelp's Top 100 Restaurants in America Will Actually Surprise You'

CNBC: 'Yelp: Here's the top 100 restaurants in the US'


Yelp & ProPublica Partnership

Led messaging, positioning, media strategy, and media relations for this high-level partnership that reached across product, corporate, and policy initiatives. Washington Post exclusive led to 109 additional pieces of coverage and measurable increase in Yelp site traffic to healthcare businesses, the focus of the project and a key area of development for consumer awareness.

Washington Post: 'You can now look up ER wait times, hospital noise levels and nursing home fines on Yelp'

USA Today: 'Yelp, ProPublica pair to give consumers more data on health care facilities'

Popular Science: 'Now You Can Pick Your Hospital Like Your Restaurants--On Yelp'

Time: 'Yelp Adds Emergency Room Wait Times to Its Hospital Review Pages'


Yelp’s 10th Anniversary

Worked with a small internal team to create multifaceted PR campaign that earned coverage in publications with lifestyle, data, and industry angles. Campaign included data-powered microsite, CEO profiles, and local outreach. Earned 332 pieces of media coverage and 487M impressions.

NPR's Marketplace: 'Yelp's CEO on the end of the professional critic'

Wired: 'YOLO! Yelp’s New Data Tool Lets You Map Cultural Trends'

Inc (Associated Press): 'After 10 Years, Yelp CEO Reviews His Own Business'

The Kitchn: 'What We Learned About Food Trends from 10 Years of Yelp Data'



Led messaging and strategy for crisis response and proactive security work, including promoting Yelp’s bug bounty program.

The Next Web: 'Yelp now has a bug bounty program that pays up to $15,000 per report'

TechCrunch: 'Yelp’s bug bounty improves security and attracts talent'


Data Journalism

Worked alongside Yelp’s data science editor and team to build data journalism program highlighting Yelp's high-quality data with the goal to increase brand awareness and media interest in Yelp data. 


Yelp Wordmap

A heatmap showing what areas of a city had the most usage of certain words in Yelp reviews. Worked with data science team on naming, presentation, and messaging. Earned 76 pieces of coverage.

TODAY: 'Yelp's Word Map means never having to dine with hipsters again'

TimeOut New York: 'Find—or avoid—tourists, hipsters and more with Yelp's new Wordmap'

Complex: 'Yelp Now Helps You Avoid Hipsters with New Feature "Wordmaps"' & Yelp's Hottest Hipster Markets

Partnered with communications and data teams to compare data about businesses with home listing and sales prices. Earned 52 pieces of coverage.

Apartment Therapy: 'Hipster Homes: Artisanal Coffee and Avocado Toast Point Toward The Next Hot Housing Markets'


Partnerships & Product Launches

Worked with internal business development, sales, and communications teams to develop media strategy and market positioning. Led communications with external partners to sync on strategy, execution, and messaging.


Yelp Platform partner integrations

Worked with 21 external partners to secure more than 58 articles over multiple years and launches, leading to growth surpassing 10,000 transactions per week on Yelp.

Bustle: 'Yelp Teams Up With Shoptiques, Allowing Users To Shop Local Fashion Retailers Directly On Their Platform'

WWD: 'Yelp and Shoptiques Link for E-Commerce'

Entrepreneur: 'More Businesses Can Now Offer Booking Options on Yelp'

Forbes: 'You Can Now Order Flowers, Manicures And Legal Advice Through Yelp'

Skift: 'Yelp Leaps Into Hotel Bookings With New Hipmunk Partnership'


Cash Back rewards program

Worked with business development to lead positioning, messaging, and communications strategy for Yelp's first loyalty program. Earned 24 pieces of coverage, and user sign up reached 1,000+ per day after one month.

Adweek: 'Yelp Launches Cash Back Rewards Program'


Amazon Echo Yelp integration

Earned 63 pieces of coverage following the product announcement.

Mashable: 'Amazon Echo adds Yelp local search for restaurants and businesses'


Alipay Yelp integration

Earned 23 pieces of coverage through a joint partner announcement.

TechCrunch: 'Alipay partners with Yelp to continue its pursuit of Chinese tourist money'


API Update

Earned 14 pieces of coverage following a TechCrunch exclusive.

TechCrunch: 'Yelp Liberates Its API To Box Out Foursquare And Google'


Emoji Search

Product launch earned 45 pieces of media coverage.

The Atlantic: 'These Emojis Would Like to Help You Structure Your Data'

Marketplace: 'You can now search Yelp for emojis'

Fast Company: 'Now You Can Use Emoji To Search Yelp'


Burrito Bomber Drone

CNN: 'It's one delicious drone -- the Burrito Bomber'


Restaurant Health Scores

Eater SF: 'Yelp Now Warns Users About SF Restaurants With Low Food Safety Grades'


Gender-neutral bathrooms

Mic: 'There are more than 160,000 US businesses with gender-neutral restrooms'


Corporate Communications

Managed messaging and outreach for executive interviews, advertising products, brand campaigns, policy, and corporate initiatives.

Wall Street Journal: 'Yelp Looks Beyond Reviews'

Washington Post: 'Yelp won’t have to turn over names of anonymous users after court ruling'

Vanity Fair: 'What You Should Know About Jeremy Stoppelman'

Time: 'Why Yelp’s CEO Turned Down Google'

AdAge: 'Yelp Tries Custom Audiences Push in Bid for Facebook, Google Ad Dollars'

AdAge: 'Yelp's New Campaign Looks to Drive Use Beyond Restaurants'

KCPR Houston: 'Company caught on camera apparently buying bogus reviews'

The Atlantic: 'The Restaurants Hurt Most by Minimum-Wage Hikes'


Travel Media

Planned press trips and pitched media to earn coverage of Charlotte, NC, as a travel and meeting destination. Worked with regional and state tourism organizations as well as local businesses and attractions.

CNN: 'North Carolina Lures ‘Hunger Games’ Fans'

Daily Mail: 'Going the whole hog: Telling porkies on the Barbecue Trail in beautiful North Carolina'